No Prior Experience Required

This course is the foundation of everything else you will want to learn.

  • Why should I do this course?

    To learn and create a good foundation in the basic building blocks of art.

  • What will I Learn?

    The importance of knowing your materials and how they can be used. You cannot make what you do not know!

  • What will I learn?

    How to break everything down into the four basic shapes, and draw anything you see.

  • Engage your Brain!

    Learn to use both sides of your brain. The analytical left and the artistic right.

  • We look but don't see...

    Retrain your eye and perception to see tints, tones, and shades.

  • Mix Colors

    How to change one color into lighter, brighter, duller to darker values.

Course curriculum

Overcome the frustration of not understanding the why and the how of what you are doing. You will get a step-by-step explanation of everything you need to know and be able to reproduce the same results, whilst understanding what you did to get there. Everything is explained in clear and simple terms with lots of examples, illustrations, videos and more.

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Instuctors Artwork

Learn from Contemporary Artist Leonie.e.Brown

The Real Reason We Paint is to re-Create Ourselves.
In this view, when we make a mark on a canvas, it becomes possible not just to create a thing, but to become a human being. It becomes possible, then, not simply to take a picture of something, but to create ourselves. That is the miracle. That is the reason I paint   
Leonie.e.Brown Encaustic and Cold Wax Artist