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Are you a frustrated Art Enthusiast? Do you dabble and have you tried different art courses? Do you feel like you are missing something, but have no idea what you are lacking? In this course, you will be guided through the four steps of learning. This is the course that will fill in all your lacking foundations. Answer your questions and expose you to the knowledge you didn't even know you didn't know.

From Stick figure to Master Painter

Introduction to Painting Techniques and Painting Styles and how to apply them.

  • Why should I do this course?

    To learn and create a good foundation in the basic building blocks of art.

  • What will I Learn?

    The importance of knowing your materials and how they can be used. You cannot make what you do not know!

  • What will I learn?

    How to break everything down into the four basic shapes, and draw anything you see. The importance of tonal values and how to see and use them to create three-dimensional paintings.

  • Engage your Brain!

    Learn to use both sides of your brain. The analytical left and the artistic right. Art is not just about emotion. It is being able to analyze what you see and experience and break it down into smaller and easily understood steps.

  • We look but don't see...

    Retrain your eye and perception to see tints, tones, and shades. Being able to see and correct minute detail.

  • Mix Colors

    How to to distinguish between dark and light, and hot and cold colours. The importance of neutrals.

Course Curriculum

Examples, Illustrations, Videos and more. Step-by-step Explanation of EVERYTHING you NEED to know and be able to REPRODUCE the same results, whilst UNDERSTANDING what you did to get there.

    1. Commonly asked Questions for Beginner Artists

    2. The Tools of the Trade

    3. Choosing the right Tools

    4. How to Blend with two colours using fast and slow Blending

    1. Preview: Your Tools and Hand Position will Determine your Style of Painting

    2. Your Tools and Hand Position will Determine your Style of Painting

    3. Preview: Brush Over Hand Position

    4. Brush Over Hand Position

    5. Preview: Brush under Hand Position

    6. Brush Under Hand Position

    7. Drawing and Painting Techniques using Pencil and Paint

    8. Formal Line

    9. Formal Line Exersize with HB and 9B Pencil

    10. Formal Line Exersize with Nylon Brush

    11. Exersize using Formal line with Nylon and Hogshair Brush

    12. How to Clean brushes

    13. Life Lessons: How do you know if you need stronger emotional boundaries?


    1. What is Organic Line

    2. Organic Line Exersize with HB and 9B Pencil

    3. Exersize using Organic Line with Nylon and Hogshair Brush

    1. Preview: Hatching and Blending

    2. What is Hatching and Blending?

    3. Formal and Organic Hatching

    4. Formal and Organic Hatching.

    5. Fast and Slow Blending.

    6. Hatching with Nylon and Hogshair Brush

    7. Dont forget...

About this course

  • $75.00
  • 169 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


“5 Stars!”

Elsamari Botha

“Thanks to Leonie E Brown, I now have a workable website! Her dedication to helping others at great sacrifice to her personal time, as well as the wealth of experience she has gathered over the years, has been such a great source of help, direction and focus for me. Thank you Leonie for supporting unselfishly, other artists who are just starting out.”

Belinda Mesecke

“Leonie is a natural-born teacher. She just can't help herself! Even when you're just popping in for a visit. She has this amazing eye, and years and years of accumulated experience in creating art and teaching art. Her own work is robust, textured, layered in both technique and meaning, vibrant and full of life and hope. Her creativity explodes on the canvas, and calls to one to look deeper. Her use of colour is extraordinary, experimental, and bold. It indulges the eye in layers of luxury.”

Belinda Mesecke

“Taken on an amazing journey by this faithful artist and teacher. An amazing gift (not just the paintings!) “Art is so much more...if you allow it to be! Love art, love creative minds and talents, see the heart revealed, love the creator!””

Ryan Jaap

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