You can only draw a stick figure... Your colors turn to mud... You start at the top and end up on the side... You don't know HOW! You are exactly the kind of person that will do well on this course. Come on a journey of self discovery while you have fun at the same time.

Where should I start?

  • PORTRAIT PAINTING FOR DUMMIES...for those who want to start painting immediatly. Designed to introduce students to oil and acrylic painting methods, this comprehensive workshop will provide a framework in structural drawing, compositional strategies, color theory, and paint application.

  • BEGINNER TO PROFESSIONAL (coming soon!)...This is the ideal course for all those who wants to know everything about art, painting techniques, painting styles and more. This course covers everything from drawing, color mixing to ten different painting techniques. Learn to paint in different styles from Realism to Abstract.

  • ABSTRACT ART FOR DUMMIES (coming soon!) yourself from the bonds of perfectionism. Allow your paintings to reveal and conceal, to suggest depth under a quiet surface. Learn to use your paints and mediums effectively, and gain the freedom and spontaneity of a layered approach.

Learn everything about you ever wanted to know, from drawing to design, color mixing to planning and using different painting styles and techniques.

Let this be the year that you actually start painting! Make this YOUR breakthrough year. Experience the awesome feeling of creating and painting something from beginning to end.

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We strive to contribute to the understanding and creation of great works of art. To provide the highest standard of education to students wishing to become professional artists.

  • Absolute Beginners Course

    Absolute Beginners Course

  • Abstract Art for Dummies

    Abstract Art for Dummies