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This course will teach you how to paint abstract art from the ground up. If you want to develop your artistic abilities, this course can help you achieve just that. We'll begin by teaching you how to utilise various tools and techniques to produce stunning abstract paintings. After that, we'll learn how to combine colours and apply them on canvas. Finally, we'll show you how to add texture to your work with a variety of materials. You will be able to make magnificent abstract paintings by the end of this course.

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“I had the opportunity to join Leonie at a 5-star weekend getaway at Angala Boutique Hotel for a Portrait Painting workshop. Here she taught us a special recipe using just four earthy colours. I was amazed that in no time without much effort a portrait appeared! With this technique one really does not even have to draw the face first exactly in pencil, placing the dark, light, warm and cold in the right places, the picture just magically appears. Exceptional!”


“This video needs more like! she talks about some very important stuff even before touching any paint. 2 hours into searching youtube about impasto, and she is the only one to do so! thank you! ”


“Leonie teaches a complete art curriculum that starts you off with the absolute, and fundamental basics, and takes you all the way through to becoming a professional artist. I can tell you that my eyes have been opened in new ways, to see more clearly. Being in class with others at different stages, you learn via " osmosis" just by watching Leonie teach, demonstrate or encourage others. One of those " Leonie sayings" that has impacted me has been..." it doesn't have to be perfect, it's art, not a photograph!"”


“If you want to rekindle or explore your creative side, I highly recommend that you contact Leonie at Lifeart School and Academy. Leonie offers short courses as well as weekly art classes. She is an absolutely amazing teacher as well as a very talented artist. I have attended some of the short courses and will definitely do so in the near future again. ”


Hey there! I'm LEONIE

Do you Desire to Create and Share Your Dreams and Heart through Great and Engaging Art? From Beginner to Professional Artist. Let Your Dreams Become Your Reality. Learn to Paint your Passion! Let Your Art Dream Become Your Reality with Professional Award-Winning Artist and Teacher, Leonie.e.Brown.

'Hi there, I am an Award-winning and Internationally selling artist with clients in the USA, Germany, China and more. I've also been invited to teach all over the country as well as internationally. Through the years I've developed step-by-step, easy-to-follow courses that will give you amazing instant results. All my courses are filmed in real-life class situations with real students asking real questions.'
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